About Hydro

A new economic engine for the internet Hydro allows publishers to fully monetise ‘time spent’, reducing reliance on ads. Publishers earn more as their audience enjoys a richer, uncluttered online experience.

To learn more about Hydro, visit https://www.hydro.online/

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<aside> 🟣 For media, the Hydro logo should be used in the brand purple on white or in white over a background of brand purple wherever possible. Where colour is not suitable, use black and white.


01 Media Pack Logos.png

Download the Logo Pack

Hydro Media Logos.zip


<aside> 🎨 The Hydro colour pallete uses two strong complimentary colours, supported by black, white, and light grey.

Further shades of grey can be utilised when more tones are required.


02 Media Pack Colour.png

<aside> 📄 Ensure good contrast with text. Use of purple for text and backgrounds should be limited to bold headlines and short paragraphs.



<aside> 🔤 We use one typeface.